Is there a delivery fee?
Yes, delivery fees vary.  They depend on the location and quantity of food being delivered. 

How much notice do you need for an order?
If it is a weekend order, we prefer you place your order by the Tuesday before. If it is during the week, 48 hours is always appreciated, but if you can call by NOON the day before we can see if we can take an additional order.  (This does not apply to wakes or funerals)

How far do you deliver?
We can deliver as far as Washington, Altoona, Franklin, Meadville, Wheeling, New Castle, Johnstown, Ford City, etc. However, these delivery costs are a great deal higher than closer locations. We do require a minimum number of guests for further deliveries to make it cost effective for our operation. 

What is the minimum number of guests you deliver for?
You must order for at least 10 people with a full menu from our website.  We do not deliver a la carte entrées.  

Can I just order one food item to be picked up?
Yes, you can order any type of food item to be picked up, but it still must be for a minimum of 10 people. 

Can I order any items a la carte? 
Yes, we price everything out by the piece or per person. Give us a call for a price quote.

Do you provide rental for china?
Yes, prices vary depending on how much/style of china. 

Do you provide linen services?
Yes, call for a price quote. Colored linens are special order. For all linen orders, we do require the order to be placed at least 2 weeks prior to your event. 

Do you provide rental for tables and chairs?

No, but we can provide you with phone numbers to call for rental services. You can view our recommendations under our “Preferred Contact List” link on our home page. 

If required, can you provide a serving staff and bartenders?
Yes, to add a serving staff would add 18% gratuity to your order. Server(s) stay for a period of 3 hours. We do not offer bartending services. Jaden’s will decide how many servers will be required for your event. 

How much do your banquet rooms cost?
You can find banquet information under the “Banquet” section. The upper level room costs $125.00 and the lower level room costs $75.00. You have the room for a period of 4 hours. Every additional hour would cost $75.00 per hour in either room.